Avid Media Composer: Finding Missing Clips

When you work on a project in the Avid Media Composer with a long format, there will come times where you'll find one particular clip missing in the timeline. To recover those missing clips, you can use the "Find Function" in the Avid Media Composer program. This guide will show you how to correctly use that function in the Avid Media Composer to find those missing clips, whether they are motion effects, specific tape shots or offline segments.

Finding Shots

Step 1: Activate the Timeline Window

For finding shots, first activate the timeline window typing "Command+F" on the keyboard. This "Find" command can also be found under the Edit Menu of Avid Media Composer. After you've activated the timeline window, a dialogue box will pop up. Click the search box off in the dialogue box, then type in the name of the clip.

Step 2: Search for the Right Clip

After you've typed in the clip name, press "Enter". The program will now attempt to find the nearest match, and can be seen to the right of where your blue line was positioned. For more comprehensive results, you may want to start off at the beginning of each sequence. If you can't find your missing clip, then hit the "Command+G on the keyboard. This is in the "Find Again" icon of the "Edit Menu". Press it again and again until the blue line jumps at each instance of the sequence from start to finish, helping you find the location of your missing clip.

Finding Specific Tape Shots

Step 1: Activate the "Hamburger Menu"

First, activate the "Fast Menu", otherwise known as the "Hamburger Menu" in the timeline by clicking it. Afterwards, a sub-menu will appear, and you must pick either the "Source Name" or "Tape Name" among the different options.

Step 2: Begin the Search

Again, press "Command+F" for the dialogue box to appear. Select the "Timeline Text" in the check-box and type in either the full tape name or just a portion of it. Afterwards, the entire sequence will show up, and you can begin searching for missing clips using the same earlier steps as you did under "Finding Shots."

Finding Offline Segments without Using the Find Function

Step 1: Open the Timeline

To make your composer window active, select the specific timeline you want to search for your missing clips. Then, go to the "Timeline Fast Menu," which you can find on the bottom left of the timeline.

Step 2: Add Clip Colors to Make Finding Work Easier

If your missing clips happen to be offline segments, then adding colors to differentiate the online and offline clips is a huge time-saver for finding them should they go missing. Simply go to the "Clip Color Icon" and then choose offline from the submenu. Offline segments will appear as red in the timeline.

For those who use the "Find Function" of the old version of Avid Media Composer in searching for offline segments, you can also do the recommended steps above, with the added option of typing "Offline" or "Media" in the dialogue box. You can now search for the missing clips in your Avid Media Composer.