Avid HD to SD DVD in 5 Steps

Avid hd video editing is very useful because it makes it possible to edit videos that are very detailed. This means that many people are looking for a way of burning HD footage to DVD. While the results won't be high resolution anymore they will still be good quality.

This tutorial will look at converting a HD source such as a 1080i video to a DVD quality video. This technique is very simple and will make the whole process as quick as possible. Burning a high definition video onto a standard definition DVD is actually easy, but you will need a modern computer to make this as easy as possible.

Step 1: Exporting Sequence as a Quick time Reference File

Open your sequence in Avid Media Composer and export the video as a quick time reference file. To do this choose "File, Export." A new dialog box will appear where you can enter the various settings. Choose "Export As" as Quick time Reference. Click "Use Enabled Tracks" and "Use Marks." Leave the other defaults and adjust aspect ratio, audio format and color levels depending on your preferences.

Click "save" and choose a name for your new file. This will create a video mix down and you  might have to wait while the process is completed.

Step 2: Using Avid DVD

Load Avid DVD and click on the Media Tab in the Palette. Right click in the palette and select "import". Load the Mov Quick time file that you just created. Make sure that you select the Mov file rather than the Wav or other audio file. Click the video in the palette and drag it across to the Titles.

Step 3: Saving Your Project

When using any computer application it's always good practice to save your file regularly. Make sure that you save your project just in case your computer decides to act up at all. Give it a memorable name which will be easy to find again should you need to.

Step 4: Burning DVD

Click on "Burn" in the menu at the top and select "Burn Disc" (Or press Control and E). A burn dialog box will appear which you will need to use to adjust settings. Set the Disc Type to DVD and choose the number of layers. Normally this will be a single layer disc unless you know you're using anything different.

Select to burn from the Current Project. Check that the right DVD burner is selected in the options. Put a blank DVD disc into the drive. Then click "OK" and wait while the video is transcoded into the right format to be burned onto a Standard Definition DVD. The files will then be burned onto the disc and you shouldn't need to do anything throughout. You will be notified that the disc has been burned successfully or told about any problems.

Step 5: Testing

Put the DVD into a regular DVD player to check that it is working properly. While the quality won't be as good as blu-ray or other high definition video formats it is comparable with DVD movies.