Avex Zune Video Converter: An Overview

Avex Zune Video Converter can be used as an easy way of converting all sorts of different videos to a format which can be played back on your Zune MP3 player. Any videos that you have downloaded from the video can be converted using this software. This means that you can take any video and make it possible to use it on your Zune.

Converting Video

You will be able to convert many different types of video to Zune MP4 files. The video formats included include MPEG, Tivo, MOV and AVI. As this software supports Tivo videos, it's possible to convert any TV shows that you have recorded on your PVR.

The software uses X! Speed technology to ensure that the videos are converted as quickly as possible. This can convert on average three times faster than other similar software.


The software is very easy for everyone to use. Even if you have little experience using computers, you should find it easy to use the software to convert videos. The user interface is very simple and options can be set in a wizard style format.


The videos can be converted individually or added to a list. The batch processing list makes it easy to convert lots of different video files.