Avex Video Converter Platinum: An Overview

The Avex Video Converter Platinum has been designed and developed to help you encode all of your currently existing videos into formats that can be played on a personal media player of your choosing. Following is a brief overview of the Avex Video Converter Platinum software.

Key Functions and Features

The Avex Video Converter Platinum supports most of the video file formats that you would have in your video collection. Some of the major formats are: XviD, DivX, AVI, WMV, MPEG and TiVo. There are many more formats that are supported.

The resulting converted formats depend upon the personal media player in question. Formats are supported on the Apple iPod, Sony Play Station family of devices, generic mobile phones, Pal, Microsoft Zune and more. The conversion speed of the files is pretty fast. This is supported by nearly lossless video and audio conversion. The software is very simple and user friendly.

Additionally, the Avex Video Converter Platinum features support for processors with more than one core and hyper-threading. The software is priced at $35.