Avex PSP Video Converter: An Overview

Avex PSP Video Converter is a simple, one click software solution that allows you to convert your audio and video collection to a format that is compatible with the Sony PSP (Play Station Portable). Following is a brief overview of the Avex PSP Video Converter software.

Key Functions and Features

Any given video is not directly playable on a Sony PSP. The device requires the video files to be encoded into a MPEG 4 format before it is able to play the file. The Avex PSP Video Converter software is a middle layer that handles the conversion problems. It can support the conversion of many popular formats like MPEG, TiVo, WMV, XviD, DivX and AVI.

The video file conversions are quick due to the software’s support for multi core processors that enables hyper-threading. Also, the converted video files support multiple screen sizes to enable play back on more than one device.

There is also a PSP file manager that takes the burden out of dealing with the complex file and directory structure. The user simply needs to connect the PSP and the rest is taken care of automatically. The software is priced at $35.