Avex Mobile Video Converter: An Overview

Avex Mobile Video Converter is very useful software which can be used to convert your video files so that they're suitable for use on mobile devices, such as Blackberries, Nokias and iPhones. The file sizes are very small, which makes it easy to fit lots of different videos on your website.


Mobile video converter is designed to take any video files and convert them into 3GP video files. These files are compatible with the majority of modern mobile phones and other portable video devices. This makes it very simple to enjoy your videos while on the road.


Not only does the software convert the videos, but it also compresses them. This ensures that the videos are as small as possible. This is very useful because it means that you can even fit a feature length film onto a 128MB memory card. This means that most phones will be able to store lots of movies.


The software is very convenient since it works very quickly. It uses state of the art technology to convert the videos as quickly as possible. It is also very simple to use as you don't need any special experience.