Avex iPod Video Converter: An Overview

The Avex iPod Video Converter is a simplified software solution that allows you to convert many forms and formats of videos to formats that will allow the video to play on your iPod. This is applicable for all of the iPods of the current iPod family. The supported formats include, but are not limited to, MPEG, WMV, XviD, DivX and AVI. Here is a brief look into the Avex iPod Video Converter software.

Key Functions and Features

The Avex iPod Video Converter can easily convert the formats specified above into an MPEG 4 profile that is compatible with the iPod. The conversions for all of the files take place at an impressive rate while maintaining almost all of the original video’s audio and video quality.

Other salient features include the ability to create videos with an adjustable video size to allow for play back on devices other than the iPod. Consequently, each converted file is automatically optimized for playing on an iPod or a larger screen.

The user interface of the software is very user friendly and is extremely easy to use. The software is priced at around $29.