Avex iPhone Video Converter: An Overview

The iPhone Video Converter by Avex has been designed and developed to facilitate the conversion process of generic video formats to formats that can be played on an iPhone. The software supports the encoding profiles used by all of the iPhone devices made to date by Apple computers. Here is a brief overview of the Avex iPhone Video Converter software.

Key Functions and Features

The Avex iPhone Video Converter software can be used to convert the currently popular video formats like MPEG, WMV, XviD, AVI and DivX to a MPEG 4 profile that is supported by all of the iPhone devices.

The conversion process is a simple one-click affair that only requires the user to locate the source video file. The rest of the process is taken care of by the software. Converted files are automatically placed into iTunes, which can then be used to sync the iPhone and add the movie as soon as the iPhone is connected.

The software has been optimized to make full use of processors with multiple cores and hyper-threading support. It renders very fast conversion speeds. The software is priced around $29.