Avex DVD to Zune Converter: An Overview

Avex DVD to Zune Converter can be used to quickly and easily convert your DVD movies into formats which can be played back on your Zune MP3 player. As Zune is one of the most popular MP4 player brands available, this software is very useful. This software is also capable of producing files which can be used with different MP3 players (which support standard file formats).

High Speed

Video editing and conversion is notoriously slow to complete. However, Avex DVD to Zune Converter uses new technology to ensure that these videos are converted as quickly as possible. The software is capable of converting video on average three times faster than other similar packages.

Creating Small Videos

When putting videos onto mobile devices such as the Zune, size is very important. It's possible to adjust the resolution and bit-rate of the images to reduce the size. As these devices have smaller screens, it's possible to reduce the resolution without noticeably affecting the visual quality. The video which is converted is of excellent quality. This means that users will be able to enjoy watching their movies in all their glory.

Easy to Use

The software is designed for anyone to use. This means that even if you don't have any experience with computers or video editing, you will be able to easily use the software to create videos suitable for the Zune.