Avex DVD to PSP Converter: A Short Overview

Like other products made by Avex, The DVD to PSP Converter is designed to be a simple, intuitive and easy to use software solution that allows users to convert a DVD based movie to a format that is readily playable on a Sony PSP (Sony PlayStation Portable).  Here is a brief look into the Avex DVD to PSP Converter software.

Key Functions and Features

The software allows users to take and watch their movie library on the go. The user simply needs to furnish the DVD movie and then connect the PSP to the computer. The software will automatically recognize the movie, rip it, convert it, create thumbnails and then transfer the media to the PSP. The user does not need to deal with the complex file and directory structure of the Sony PlayStation Portable.

The software features multiple MP4 conversion profiles to suit the preferences of the user and can provide video with an adjustable screen size. There is also an inbuilt Sony PlayStation Portable video manager functionality to help users navigate around the PSP easily. The software is priced around $29.