Avex DVD to Mobile Converter: An Overview

The Avex DVD to Mobile Converter addresses the need to convert a DVD based movie into a miniscule video format that allows the viewer to view it on any generic mobile phone. Here is a brief look into the DVD Converter by Avex software.

Key Functions and Features

This software makes use of the standardized 3GP and 3GPP video formats to import a DVD movie onto any given mobile phone. The software can hence support almost any given mobile phone. The software also automatically optimizes videos for use on mobile phones.

The 3GP video format allows for an unprecedented level of compression of a DVD movie. The file size can go from the original 4.3 GB to a paltry 128 MB within a matter of minutes. This is small enough for the movie to be transferred to any modern day memory card.

The software has a very simple user interface and is very intuitive. The user can easily get down to video conversions. The conversion speeds provided are very fast and can be up to three times faster than other software solutions. The software is priced around $29.