Avex DVD to iPod Converter: A Short Overview

The DVD to iPod Converter by Avex has been designed as a relatively simple, easy to use and intuitive video conversion solution that allows the end users to directly convert or rip a DVD movie into an iPod compatible format. Here is a brief look into the Avex DVD to iPod Converter software.

Key Functions and Features

The software allows its end users to easily and quickly convert their entire movie libraries to smaller sizes that can be taken with them on the move. All they need to do is simply supply the movie on a DVD format and then connect the iPod to the computer.

The Avex DVD to iPod Converter software then automatically recognizes the presence of the DVD and rips it to transfer it to iTunes software. The software then automatically syncs with the iPod and places the movie on it.

The Avex DVD to iPod Converter software can support all of the officially supported audio and video encoding profiles on the iPod family of devices. It can also be used to rip DVD audio and then send it to the iPod. The software is priced around $29.