Avex DVD to iPhone Converter: An Overview

The Avex DVD to iPhone Converter is a simplified software solution that addresses the need to quickly and efficiently convert a given DVD movie to a format that is readily viewable on the iPhone family of devices by Apple. Here is a brief overview of the Avex DVD to iPhone Converter software.

Key Functions and Features

The Avex DVD to iPhone Converter was developed as a one-click software solution. It allows the end user to simply specify the source movie format and then click the transcode button. The software automatically handles all of the ripping, conversion, transcoding and file movement. This rids the user of any other tasks. All you have to do is simply plug in the iPhone and then iTunes will automatically sync it to place the desired movie on it.

The main advantage of the software is that it can ensure top-notch conversion quality while maintaining very high conversion speeds. The user interface is of course a breeze to use, with minimum clicking required for getting around. Also, the software has been designed to exploit the modern hardware design and extract the most from your computer’s components. The software is priced at $29.