Avex DVD Ripper Platinum: A Short Overview

Avex DVD Ripper Platinum is a piece of software which can be used to rip your DVDs to your computer. DVDs aren't always that convenient; sometimes you will want a video file on your computer which can be opened without needing to put a DVD into your computer.

Fast Ripping

Avex DVD Ripper Platinum features technology which can be used to rip your DVDs to digital files very quickly. This works up to three times faster than other similar packages. The DVDs can be ripped into many different types of files. These include WMV, AVI, MPEG, MPG and MP4. This makes it easy to convert the DVDs to a format which is suitable for use on your device.


The platinum edition of the software features many extra components which are useful. This also includes the DVD to Zune and DVD to iPod Converter. Because of this, the software is a complete suite of applications used to rip DVDs and convert them into lots of different formats.


The software is also capable of converting your videos into many different types. These videos are compatible with Pocket PCs, the iPhone, iPad, iPod and many mobile phones. It's possible to use this software for any type of device you use.