Avex DVD Ripper: A Short Overview

The Avex DVD Ripper is currently the fastest DVD ripping software solution available. It has been designed and developed with the aim to rip movies from a DVD at accelerated rates while keeping their audio and visual quality intact. Following is a brief look into the Avex DVD Ripper software.

Key Functions and Features

The Avex DVD Ripper software enables the end user to rip almost any given format of a DVD movie. Also, a given format can be ripped and encoded to a different format like AVI, XviD, DivX, MPEG and WMV. The entire operation requires the user to simply pop in the DVD and click a single button. The rest is automatically taken care of by the Avex DVD Ripper software. The settings are very easy to create and then adjust.

Apart from the regular formats, the software also supports high definition video and DVD DTS surround audio channels. The high conversion speeds are due to the presence of the X!-Speed transcode technology. This technology provides speeds that are up to three times greater than the competition.

Also, the software is fully primed to exploit all of the modern hardware that has juiced up your computer. The software is priced at $35.