Automatically Adjusting Gain in Avid Media Composer

To make your audio mixing a little easier to handle, the makers of Avid Media Composer have designed the "Automation Gain Tool." The interface allows you to add your own sophisticated mix of sound tracks to your project. After the recording, this mix information is then kept within the sequence. The mix itself can easily be edited and revised, or even removed if you're not satisfied with your work. After you're done, you'll find that your playbacks will hugely benefit from an overall better audio mix.

Step 1: Know the Different Icons of the Avid Media Composer

To start automatically adjusting the gain in your Avid Media Composer, you'll need to know the different buttons windows of the interface. The Audio Effect Mode selector menu can be found on the top left while the "Automation Gain Fast Menu" can be found on the top right side. The "Recording Status Light" and the "Record and Cancel Buttons" can be found below the menu. The menu for switching from Direct Out to Stereo Mix can be found to the right of the "Ignore Volume Checkbox," as well as the settings for "Pre-roll and Post-roll." To the right of the post-roll box is the "Hardware Toggle Button." The tool window itself is composed of the individual track sliders, with their own volume displays and controls for the ganging tracks.

Step 2: Pick out the Audio Files to Be Mixed

Mark the in-and-out points of your intended sequence. You can find the "Automation Gain Tool" from under the "Tools Section" in the menu bar and launch it. Choose "Direct Out" in the upper right portion of the menu to start mixing the tracks. Your pre-roll and post-roll time should be sufficient; if you're using an external mixing console that has a MIDI interface, then press the "Hardware Toggle Button" to turn on and control the device. Select the tracks by pressing the green speaker buttons located above sliders. Otherwise, if you want to mix several tracks at the same time, you can click on the gang button options.

Step 3: Record the Mixed Audio Information

When you're finally recording your tracks, the sequence will begin to start at the pre-roll. If you are using the mouse to mix the audio, then click on the corresponding slider and adjust the volume by scrolling your mouse up and down. Remember that the cursor of your mouse can only click one slider at a time unless you're using the gang buttons. You can save time when you're using an external console with a MIDI interface because you are able to adjust as many tracks as you want in the Avid Window Composer. The sequence itself will run through until the end of the post-roll. Of course, you can cancel the whole thing anytime when you press the "Cancel" button. Just keep in mind that the entire mix information that you have placed on your sequence will be lost.