Autodesk Showcase: Eliminating Physical Prototypes

Autodesk Showcase is a professional modeling package which can be used to design and check that various products will work as they should. This helps to minimize any potential design mistakes which could plague your product or make it very costly to improve. Autodesk Showcase may be an expensive piece of software, however, it should be quite easy to justify.

Showcase is available for many different operating systems, although it will require a modern computer. To enable the computer to run at full speed, you should be using a dual core processor and have at least 2GB of RAM in your computer.

3D Modeling

The 3D modeling software in Autodesk showcase is designed to make it easy to create realistic models without needing to print anything from your computer. It's even possible to make certain machines run to check that nothing catches. As long as you have a fast computer, the 3D modeling shouldn't take long to complete.

Saving Time

Making physical prototypes is very time consuming. This can make it very difficult to justify. If you are considering making a prototype to check that everything works, then you will have to wait while the prototype is manufactured. You will also need to wait while any problems are troubleshot and corrected. Even very simple problems might require scrapping all or part of the prototype, and then starting again.

By using 3D modeling applications such as Showcase, you will be able to spot many of these errors before you even have to worry about making physical prototypes. This can save you a lot of time and get your finished product to market much quicker. This will make it easier to get a much earlier return on your investment.

Saving Money

Every time you make a physical prototype, it is very expensive. Not only are there costs associated with the materials, but you also need to consider the costs to design and the time to manufacturer the prototype.

Manufacturing one product is also much more expensive than manufacturing bulk products. By prototyping using computer software, you can speed up the process and hopefully start producing large batches much quicker. This should save you money and also help you to earn money from all your efforts quicker.

Troubleshooting Simple Problems

Many design products will suffer from simple mistakes. These simple mistakes can waste a lot of time and put your project behind schedule. Prototyping using 3D modeling on your PC makes it easy to spot these mistakes before you ever produce anything. This should make it easy to justify the cost of the software.

By troubleshooting these problems, it's also easier to minimize any waste. This means that you won't need to waste metal, wood or any other materials to create prototypes which aren't perfect.

Autodesk Showcase helps to minimize the need to create physical prototypes. This should not only make it easier, but also much more likely to make your business profitable.