AutoDesk Maya: Making Video Games

Autodesk Maya is a powerful 3D application which can make it possible to create movies and games. Maya is quite difficult to use because it is such a capable app. You will need to learn how to use Maya to create your game. Maya can be used to create 3D RPG and First person shooter games, among many others.

When creating a game, you will need to invest plenty of time. This is because it's something that is very difficult to do. It's not possible to expect to be able to make a video game in a short space of time. Depending on the complexity of your game, it might take months or even years.

Step 1: Learn Maya Basics

If it's the first time that you plan on using Maya, then you will need to do some basic training. This will help you to learn about the interface and how to create basic animated 3D objects and characters. There are many tutorials on the Internet which can be looked through to improve your understanding of how Maya works and can be used.

Spend time practicing how to use Maya to create your characters. You will also need to learn how to create scenery and put everything together.

Step 2: Come up with an Idea

Once you have mastered Maya, you will need to come up with an idea for the game. There are many different ideas for games depending on the type of game you are creating. You will need to come up with detail about your scenery and characters. The thing which makes a great game is detail. You must put as much detail into your game as possible. Spend time creating your characters' back stories and also detailing information about the locations. The more detail you can come up with, the more believable and enjoyable you will make your game.

Step 3: Create 3D Models

Now you need to use Maya to design your characters and scenery. Design each of these in separate files so that they can be combined later on in your game. You will also need to ensure that the skin weights of the models are perfect so that the joints move correctly. If the weighting is not correct, then you will need to use the tools to correct this.

Step 4: Design Scenery

Maya or 3DS Max can be used to create the scenery where your models will interact. This is a virtual world and should be as complete as possible. Try to fit lots of details into the game so that your players are always kept entertained.

Step 5: Program Your Game

You will then need to use a programming language such as C++ or C# to create the game. These are necessary to create your game by allowing the human players to interact with the computer players. Without a programming language, your game would only be a movie because there is no method of interaction.

Step 6: Test the Game

Once you have finished creating your game, you should then test it to check that it plays properly. Again, this needs to be done properly. Professional studios will quite often pay people to test their games to ensure that every level is perfect.