Authoring Blu Rays in Sony Vegas

The Sony Vegas 9 Pro is a powerful audio/video editing software suite that enables you to create high quality productions and author them onto various medias of your choice. The latest in the Sony Vegas platforms allows you to author movies on high-definition Blu-ray discs. You can render your project and burn it to a Blu-ray Disc. The rendered project can be played in a Blu-ray player or on any computer with a Blu-ray drive. The authoring process is simple and easy to pick up.

Step 1: Launching Sony Vegas

Starting the Sony Vegas software suite is a fairly simple and straightforward process. Select the Sony Vegas program application shortcut from the programs menu to launch the software. Once the Sony Vegas software suite loads up, you will be prompted to start a new project or open any one of the earlier projects you worked on. If you would like to continue on a recent project, then pick one.

Step 2: Loading the Source File and Editing

You will click on the “File” menu and select “Open Project” if it is a previously used source file saved in project form that you want to use. Use the file browser window to navigate to the location of the source file. You will click on the file and select “Open”. Following this, Sony Vegas will import the file for further operations. You will now edit the source file and prepare it for the burning process.

Step 3: Authoring a Blu-Ray Disc

From the Tools menu, you will choose Burn Disc and choose Blu-ray Disc from the submenu. The Burn Blu-ray Disc dialog will be displayed. You will now select the “Render image and burn” radio button.

You will select a setting from the Video format drop-down list to indicate whether you want to burn AVC or MPEG-2 video and specify the parameters that should be used for rendering your video stream. Next, choose a setting from the Audio format drop-down list to indicate whether you want to burn AC-3 or wave (PCM) audio. Also, choose which settings you would like to use for your audio from the Audio drop-down list to create the parameters that the program should use when rendering the audio for your project.

Next, you will select recording options for your Blu-ray drive and choose a drive from the Burn drive drop-down list to specify the drive you want to use. From the Burn speed drop-down list, choose the speed at which you want to record. Max will record using the fastest speed possible with your drive; decrease the speed if you have difficulty recording. Select the “Eject when Done” check box if you want the disc to eject automatically when done. You will click OK to start rendering your image file and burning your disc.

Once completed, you will have successfully authored a Blu-Ray Disc in Sony Vegas.