Applying Picture-in-Picture Effects in Nero Vision

Nero Vision is part of the Nero Burning Rom suite of applications. This is designed to make it very easy to burn your videos and edit them to a disk. Creating a video with picture to picture is very simple because Nero has specialist features to make this possible. This means that you can easily create a video playing inside another video. This can be useful for all sorts of videos including weddings and graduations.

If you are trying to create nero vision picture in picture effects, then it can be very confusing at first. However, when you know how, it's surprisingly simple.

Step 1: Create a Movie

Start by clicking "Make Movie or Slide Show" down the side of the screen in Nero Vision. This will display a dialog box where you can make various changes. Name the video and then change the format and resolution, as well as the audio if required. Then, simply click ok.

Step 2: Add the First Video

First, you will need to browse for the videos that you want to add. This is easy if they are already added to the library. Drag the first video down onto the video 1 timeline in the position where you want it to be played. It is possible to move the video around to affect where it plays. The first video will be the background video, which is behind the other videos. This means that this video will be played full screen and the other videos will play inside of it.

Step 3: Add the Second Video

Once you have added the first video, you can then repeat the process to add the second video. This time, you must select the video and drag it down to the Video 2 timeline. This is important because trying to add it to the same timeline will only result in the video being played after the current one. To make both play at the same time, you should add it to a separate timeline.

Step 4: Resize the Video

At the moment, you will be able to hear both videos, however, it will only be possible to see one. This is because the second video is completely covering the background video. To prevent this from being a problem, you should select it and then click on it in the preview window. Then it's simply a matter of clicking and dragging to re-size the video to the right dimensions. The video can also be moved to the desired position.

Step 5: Preview Video

Now click the play button and both of the videos will be played together. This is an important step because you can ensure that all of the things you want to see in both videos are visible and can be seen.

Step 6: Burn to Disk

When you have finished previewing the video, you can then burn the finished videos to a disk. To do this, click the next button and then continue clicking the buttons. You will then need to click the burn button, which will start the burning process.