Animating Chapter Buttons in Showbiz DVD

ShowBiz DVD makes it simple to create professional high quality DVDs that you are proud of. One of the simplest things about DVDs is that viewers are able to quickly and easily find the right part of the video. Creating menus will make it easy for people to find their way around the content. It's also possible to make the DVD menus look even more professional by using animated chapter buttons.

Animated chapter buttons make it easier to identify the different chapters on the disk. An animated preview of the chapters will be displayed on the menu which can then be looked at and used to take a look at the contents of the chapters before actually opening it.

Step 1: Adding Videos

The first thing that you need to do is click the "create" tab and start adding the videos into your project. Simply click "create" and then select the videos that you want to add from your gallery. Alternatively you can browse for the videos on your computer and add them from anywhere on your PC.

Every time the video is added to your project it will automatically create the menu entries for each one.

Step 2: Customizing Menus

When the menu is set up as default it will be using the default theme. You can customize and choose different themes depending on the project you are creating. To do this click on the "customize" tab in the create module. Then select "Themes" and you will be able to select the best background and theme to be used for your menu.

Clicking the individual chapter buttons and text will display lots of different options. These components can be dragged around to move them to different places.

Step 3: Animating Chapter Buttons

By default the chapter buttons will be static frames which are chosen from the chapter options dialog boxes. However, you can create animated chapter buttons which look better and also make it easier to find what people are looking for on your DVD.

To create these animated buttons click on the Media Tab and then tick the box marked "Animated Thumbnails." Then you need to enter the amount of time that you want the clips to play, after this time the video will continue looping. Generally you will only want to see the first 10 seconds of the clip to prevent giving away any of the secrets in the menu preview.

Step 4: Previewing Animation

To see how the animated buttons look click on the "Preview Animation" button next to the animated thumbnails option. This gives you a chance to see exactly what the animated buttons will look like so that you can be sure you're happy with them. If you are trying to preview very large video loops then this might take some time for your computer to accomplish.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

You will then be able to add audio to your menu to make it look even more professional. To do this click on an audio track and drag it down the the background music section. This will be looped automatically when it reaches the end of the track.