An Overview of Wondershow DVD Slideshow Builder

Wondershow DVD Slideshow Builder is software that makes it easy to inject new life into photos as well as videos. Besides being effective, this software is also very powerful and easy to use. It helps to create movies with minimum fuss. It also enables you to do many things, such as combine photo and videos to create DVD slideshows (with soundtrack and transitions in two and even three dimensions). After doing all this, you can share it on YouTube or on your iPod. It also offers you the chance to make use of several templates and effects that you can pick and choose to suit your needs.

Sharing Movies

Wondershow DVD Slideshow Builder helps in converting precious memories captured on video to DVD movies that can be shared on television with friends and family.

Making Movies

This software also allows you to add to your video and photos. You can create a slideshow of your photos with customized transitions as well as multiple effects.

Virtual Sharing

You can do more than share your DVD slideshows on a television with a DVD player; you can also share these videos on YouTube and other social media networks as well.

All in all, Wondershow DVD Slideshow offers ease of use and is sure to provide endless joy to those who use it.