An Overall Look at RipIt

RipIt is a simple software utility that enables you to rip movies from DVDs and store them on the hard disk drive of your Macintosh computer. This enables you to watch these movies anywhere without having to lug a ton of DVDs around. You can also rip the DVDs to import and watch the movies on your iPad. Following is a look at the RipIt software for Macs:

Simple and Efficient Transfer to Macs

RipIt enables you to quickly transfer DVDs to the Mac hard disk with almost zero effort. The program is designed for speed and efficiency. It saves the battery life of a MacBook, Air or Pro and also avoids putting unnecessary scratches on your DVD collection.

One Click Operation

All you have to do is pop in the required DVD into your Mac’s super drive and launch RipIt. The software recognizes the DVD type and its contents. Thereafter, you only need to click one single button to rip everything--movies, subtitles, extras and any alternate tracks. Everything is automatically ripped and compressed to create a single file that you can use directly on Apple TV, iPad, iTunes, iPod or iPhone.

Reliable Operation

RipIt is guaranteed to be a success with almost any type of optical media that you pop into your Mac. RipIt has been known to work with over 250,000 independent and unique disks and has a nearly perfect success rate. RipIt is constantly being worked upon and has a very active release cycle.