An Overall Look at MyDVD

Roxio MyDVD Video Lab 10 is an inexpensive video editing program that allows you to edit and add effects to your video even if you have no video editing experience. At under $50 in 2010, this program is affordable, especially in comparison to Apple Final Cut Pro and Adobe After Effects since these programs can cost several hundreds of dollars. You can try this program for free for a limited time period to test drive it before you purchase it.

Edit and Add Effects

Roxio MyDVD allows you to capture your videos and digital photos from your digital camera or camcorder, and you can use this program to edit out bad sections or splice clips together. Add transitions, chapter titles and menus. You can also add music and audio to your videos using the SmartSound software program, which is included with MyDVD. Besides editing your videos, you can also convert your photos into slideshows with titles, transitions and music.

Create a DVD

Once you edit your movie, burn it to a DVD so that you can share it with others. Plus, you can create your own disc labels and booklets so that you remember what’s on the disc. Use the templates provided with MyDVD to do this, or use your imagination and create your own disc labels. You can also burn your photo slideshows to a DVD and create a photo index of everything in it. Besides creating a DVD, this program makes it easy to upload your videos to YouTube so that others can view it.

Mobile Device Compatibility

If you want to take your videos and/or photos with you, this program allows you to sync your PC and mobile device. You can transfer data either using a USB cable or using Bluetooth connectivity if your mobile device is Bluetooth-enabled.