An Overall Look at iSkySoft DVD Creator for Mac

The iSkysoft DVD Creator for Mac is a software package designed and developed for the Mac platform. It allows the end user to downloaded movies or slideshows to the software package and then burn them onto a DVD for backup purposes or distribution. Here is a quick look into the iSkysoft DVD Creator for Mac.

Key Functions

The primary function of the iSkysoft DVD Creator for Mac is the facilitation of DVD creation and burning. You can simply drag and drop the required files into the application window and then either burn a blank DVD disc, create a DVD folder or simply write a quality ISO file for backup purposes.

Apart from the primary function, the software also offers many other powerful editing functions that allow you to leverage the built in templates and techniques to create a slideshow or build beautiful DVD menus (animated and static). The editing function also allows you to crop, merge, trim and rotate the video and slideshows as you deem fit.

There is also a special preview window that provides real time previews of the expected video quality after the conversion and burning is done. This is important if you tend to tweak the parameters a lot and want to make sure that the best possible quality is delivered.

Other options include a “Gift DVD” option that allows you to create great looking DVDs out of your own footage and then gift them to friends and family to share special moments.