An In-Depth Look at Voila Image Capture Software

Voila image capture software is a screen capturing program that is made by Software Casa. Voila is compatible with Mac operating systems only. If you intend on exporting captured images with Voila, you will also need to have iPhoto version 6.0.1 or later. Software Casa provides a 30 day money back guarantee on Voila, so you really have nothing to lose by purchasing the program and testing it out. Below you will find an overview of a few of the best features of Voila so you can get an idea for what the program can do for you.

Image Capturing

Simply put, Voila allows you to capture an image of anything that you see on your computer screen. Sure, you can use the print screen button on your keyboard to capture a screen image, but you will end up with an image of your entire screen. In addition to being able to capture full screen images, Voila can also capture a specific portion of your screen. Voila can even capture web pages, webcam footage and much more. If you need to capture images quickly, you can create a shortcut on your screen and simply click the shortcut every time you need to capture a screen image.

Image Organization

One of the best features of Voila is image organization. Voila will organize your captured screen images for you so that you can easily locate them at a later date. All of your captured screen images will be stored within a central library in Voila. You can view your captured screen images in a cover flow or thumbnail view. The smart collection feature that comes standard with Voila allows you to organize your captured screen images by using the categories that come with the program or by creating your own custom categories. You can even tag your captured screen images with metadata in Voila. By being able to tag your images, you can locate them by simply searching for the keyword that you tagged your photo with.

Image Sharing

You will love Voila if you are looking to share your captured images with your friends and family. If you have a Flickr account, you can upload your captured screen images to your account with a single click of your mouse. Voila is compatible with both Microsoft Entourage and Apple Mail, which means Voila can send your captured screen images to either of those email clients for you. Of course, Voila can also help you print your images. If you have a website, you can enter the FTP information for your website directly into Voila. Voila will then upload your captured screen images for you. To help you reduce the size of the files you are emailing or uploading, you can even use Voila to easily resize your captured screen images in pixels.