An In-Depth Look at Movie Label

If you're a film lover, then Movie Label is one of the best pieces of software that can help you to organize your collection. Keeping track of all of the movies will make it much easier to choose one that you want to watch.


Many other movie organizing packages are difficult to use. This is because entering the information about the movies into the software is very time consuming. However, Movie Label makes it much easier to do this. You are able to scan the barcodes or enter the titles of the films to bring up all the details. This provides you with lots of information which can be used to decide exactly what you want to watch. This also helps to categorize all of the films which will make it simple to decide on the different types of films that you want to see.

Search Engine

A search engine is built into the software. This makes it possible to search through your collection looking for different things. It's possible to search by genre, actors or simply by titles.

The software uses state of the art database technology to save thousands of videos. The database is very small in size and this makes searching through it very quick and easy.

Money Saver

If you have a very large collection of movies, then it can be very easy to forget exactly which films you already own. By storing all of the names in one place, you can easily search through the movies you already own to check that you're not wasting your money. The software can also track rented films.

It's even possible to export your movie collection and load it onto a mobile device. This makes it very simple to take a look at your vast collection wherever you are, even when you're not at home.


Movie Label can catalog films on a variety of different media. This includes films stored on DVDs, Bluray discs, VHS cassettes and even video files on your computer. It's also possible to add different media types. This means that you will be able to create new types of media whenever they are released. Because of this, the software is fully future proof.

It's also possible to create a list of DVDs or Blu-rays that you want to add to your collection. This is a great feature whenever you are asked what you would like for a present.


Movie Label will download lots of information about your films from the Internet. This makes it easy to learn more about the films that you want to watch. You can also answer various questions about the film in trivia quizzes which are prepared from information on the Internet. This makes it exciting to learn lots of things about the film that you are about to watch.

Movie Label is the must have application for anyone who is passionate about movies and wants to get the most out of their collection.