All My Movies: Key Features

All My Movies is organizing and cataloguing software for all the movies in your collection. It organizes your movies and maintains a database of the various digital media files. Here are some of its key features.


You can store almost all video formats in All My Movies including DVDs, CDs, Blu-rays, AVI, MKV, MP4 and more. Cataloguing your collection is quite easy with this software as you do not need to do much of manual data entering; it will automatically download details of the movie from the chosen online movie database. For Blu-rays and DVDs, you can enter or scan the barcode and the software will get the required information online automatically. The software also fully supports TV series, and episode information and description is filed automatically. All the movies can be played from the program itself and can also be used as a playlister for video. Although ISO files are not supported by the software, you can catalogue them by adding the titles manually.

Simple Interface and Fast Search

You can add various skins to the user interface to enhance its looks. Navigation is quite simple with the usual menu bars and buttons. You have the option of protecting your movie database with a password. The stored movies in your database can be searched quickly using various search parameters of the movie like genre, title, cast, director, synopsis and description. You can also add stills from the movie to the database so that you can remember the movie more easily.  

Sharing and Backup

All My Movies provides a well-defined overview of your movie inventory with correct statistics. This inventory can be exported to PDF, MS Excel or HTML formats so that it can be included in web pages or exported to other software. The Network mode of the software provides easy sharing over a local network, and movies can be accessed and viewed from different computers at one time. The software provides many levels of backup which makes your movie database secure.