All My Movies: An Overview

All My Movies is a movie management and database software program that can manage your entire movie collection. All My Movies is essentially a database that simply catalogs your movie collection. It doesn’t matter what format the movies are in--they are all taken care of. The program supports a personal collection that might include MKV or AVI files, VHS tapes, CDs, DVDs and Blu-Ray discs. All you have to do is name the movie and all the relevant data and meta data will be downloaded from automatically.


All My Movies supports almost 20 different languages and is compatible with the latest Windows based platforms like 7 and Vista. All My Movies also supports fully automated lookups for movie casts and has complete support for TV series. TV episodes are automatically cataloged with their descriptions.

Additionally, you can print out and manage the entire catalog, add barcodes and download large sized images or movie posters from IMDB. Other features like password protection and user interface skins make the All My Movies software a good investment.