Aiseesoft Xbox Converter: Key Functions

Before you can decide whether or not you should buy Aiseesoft Xbox Converter, you will need to look at exactly what the key features are and how they can help you. There are several different conversion applications which all offer similar features. This is why it's important to ensure that you are choosing the right one.

Converting Video

The Xbox and Xbox 360 is capable of playing video in several different formats including high definition. This software makes it possible to convert videos from virtually any format in a type which can be played easily on your Xbox. The conversion is very quick and manages to create videos with excellent image quality.

Audio Conversion

As well as videos, the Xbox Converter also supports the conversion of audio files. This can convert from FLAC, NUT, RAM and a wide range of other formats to WMA or MP3 (which are supported by the Xbox).


As well as simply converting the video, it's also possible to trim it and cut various parts of the video out. This is very useful if you are trying to save space. The credits, for example, could be cut out to save some time.


If you don't like the black borders around the video, then you can use the crop function to remove it. This will make the image larger and often more enjoyable to watch.


Watermarks can be added to the videos which will prevent anyone else from stealing them. The watermark can be made from text or any image by simply adjusting the transparency.