Aiseesoft Video to SWF Converter: Key Features

The Video to SWF Converter by Aiseesoft is an advanced shockwave flash converter that allows the end user to simply convert video files like AVI, FLV and others to the SWF format.

Modifying Video Effects

With the Video to SWF Converter, it is easy to manipulate the input elements like saturation, contrast and brightness to get the desired video output. You can save the new modified standard to apply it to other movies with the click of a button.


You can dramatically improve the quality of an interlaced video by de-interlacing to remove the ‘jaggies’ to facilitate easy viewing.

Trimming and Cropping

The Video to SWF Converter adds some powerful trimming and cropping options to its arsenal that enable you to play around with clips by simply dragging slide bars; cropping can also be done in a similar way. Additionally, you can zoom the video slightly to completely fit into your portable media player’s screen, so it slightly extrudes the video to fit it to the video screen.

Merging Several Videos

The Video to SWF Converter software is a powerful tool for those who want to merge more than two video sources into one. All you need to do is simply check a box and the Video to SWF Converter will take care of the rest for you. You can also add water marks to your creations. This can be in the form of text or an image.

Fast Conversion Speed

The Video to SWF Converter is designed to exploit multiple core processors and extract the greatest conversion speeds possible out of your machine.