Aiseesoft PSP Movie Converter: Key Functions

You can convert movie files to make them compatible with your PSP with the Aiseesoft PSP Movie Converter. Enjoy movies in your PSP wherever you are, and bring the silver screen with you.

Video File Conversion to PSP

Convert video files from different formats like MPEG, MPG, MP4, DAT, VOB and more to your PSP file. This will let you view videos originally from Youtube or from DVD’s converted into a file that the PSP can read. There are files which may not be compatible from one device to the other especially in the discriminating system of PSPs. With that said, Aiseesoft makes sure the files can be converted and viewed on PSPs and other devices after conversion.

Video to Photo and Music Conversion

If there are certain scenes that you want to include as screenshots of the movie, choose the “Snapshot” option to take still shots of the video. This can be used for promotional purposes and can also be used for a thumbnail picture to easily identify one video from another. The software also allows music files to be converted. It is not just photos that can be taken out from the video, but also music files, which can then be saved as MP3, AC2, W4A, WAV or other formats.

Improve Video Quality

Customize the quality of the video for more enjoyable viewing. While you’re doing this, check and preview the outcome as you go along to ensure consistency in the editing of the videos. Get only the best quality of the video with the changes that you can make in resolution, bitrate, video encoder and frame rate.