Aiseesoft Media Converter: An Overview

Aiseesoft Sansa Media Converter is a media converter that is designed for people who own Sansa MP3 players. The purpose of Aiseesoft Media Converter is to convert audio and video files to formats that Sansa MP3 players accept. However, Aiseesoft Media Converter also supports other portable devices, such as the PSP, iPad, Zune, iPhone and iPod. The Aiseesoft Media Converter can even convert media to formats that are accepted by the Microsoft Xbox. Aiseesoft Media Converter is compatible with Windows operating systems only. This guideline will provide an overview of a few of the best features and functions of Aiseesoft Media Converter so you can get a good idea of what the program is capable of.

Supported Formats

Aiseesoft Media Converter supports most audio and video formats. A few of the audio formats that are supported by Aiseesoft Media Converter include MPEG, WMV, MP4, RM and SWF. Video file formats that are supported by Aiseesoft Media Converter include AVI, MP3, MPEG-1, DivX and much more. As long as the format is supported by Aiseesoft Media Converter, Aiseesoft Media Converter can convert the clip to a format that is accepted by Sansa MP3 players and other supported devices. Formats that Sansa MP3 players accept include WMV, MP4, AVI and MOV.

Snapshot and Preview

Aiseesoft Media Converter allows you to view your video files while the program is converting them to a format that is accepted by Sansa MP3 players. If you happen to like a specific scene in the video file that you are previewing, Aiseesoft Media Converter allows you to pause the conversion process so you can obtain a still image of the scene. Once you have paused the conversion process, simply press the Snapshot button and then press the Open button to view your still image. Aiseesoft Media Converter is capable of saving captured still images in JPG, BMP and GIF image file formats. Being that those are all popular image file formats, you will then be able to easily share the captured still image with your friends and family via email or social networking websites.

Audio and Video Editing

In addition to being an easy to use media converter, Aiseesoft Media Converter is also a great audio and video editing program. Audio and video editing functions that are supported by Aiseesoft Media Converter include trim, crop, merge and watermark. If you happen to have a few video clips that you want to merge into one video clip, simply select the clips and press the Merge into one file button. You will then have a single video clip that you can easily convert so you can view it on your Sansa MP3 player. The crop tool allows you to change the screen size of a video clip so that it fits better on your Sansa MP3 player or other supported portable device. You can use the trim tool to change the length of an audio or video clip that you want to convert, which reduces the file size of the clip.