Aiseesoft AVI Video Converter: Key Functions

If you want to view your videos on different devices, then you should consider the Aiseesoft AVI Video Converter. This program makes converting your videos very easy, and it’s quite inexpensive at $25 in 2010. It’s compatible with the latest version of Windows, Windows 7.

Video Conversion

AVI is a commonly used video format and many devices support it. So, if your video is in a format that your mobile device does not support, you can convert it to the AVI format. The Aiseesoft AVI Video Converter allows you to convert different formats into AVI, including MPEG-2, DAT, ASF, MKV, MJPG and MOD. Besides converting files to AVI, you can also convert them into different formats. These formats include HD AVI, H.264, XviD, MPEG2-TS HD and DivX.

Converting Audio

You can also extract audio from your video files and convert that audio into other formats, including AC3, MP3, WAV, AAC, M4A and MP2. You can also input certain audio formats like MP2, WMA, RM, OGG, APE and NUT.

Changing Your Settings

This software program allows you to adjust the resolution of your videos, including the resolution height and width. Besides the resolution, you can manipulate the frame rate, video encoder and bitrate. You can then save these settings as custom presets within the User-Defined list. Besides video settings, you can also adjust the audio settings, including the following settings: channels, audio encoder, bitrate and sample rate.

Taking a Snapshot

If you want to take a snapshot of a video clip, use the Snapshot option. This allows you to capture a still image of the clip and save it in one of the following formats: JPEG, GIF and BMP. To view your picture, you just need to click the Open button, which is located next to the Snapshot button.

You can use this snapshot as the thumbnail for your video. Or, use it as the DVD cover image.