Aiseesoft AVI MPG Converter: Key Features

Aiseesoft AVI MPG Converter is a program that allows you to convert between AVI and MPEG video file formats. Aiseesoft AVI MPG Converter also supports other video file formats, such as HD MTS, HD WMV and HD TS. Aiseesoft AVI MPG Converter is compatible with Windows operating systems only. Below you will find a brief overview of some of the key features of Aiseesoft AVI MPG Converter.

Modifying Video

Aiseesoft AVI MPG Converter allows you to modify the video clip that you are working with before you convert it. Parameters that you are able to modify include saturation, brightness and contrast. If you like the modifications that you have made, you can save them so you don't have to apply them to other video files in the future.

Video Quality

Are you working with a video clip that has poor image quality? The main cause of poor image quality in video clips is jaggedness. Aiseesoft AVI MPG Converter comes with deinterlacing tools that you can use to reduce the amount of jaggedness in the video clip, which will improve the overall quality of the clip.


One of the best editing tools that is included with Aiseesoft AVI MPG Converter is the crop tool. Many modern day movies will feature black edges around the movie because the movie was designed to be viewed on a widescreen television. You can use the crop tool in Aiseesoft AVI MPG Converter to easily remove those black edges. Other editing tools that are included with Aiseesoft AVI MPG Converter are trim, add watermark and merge.