Aiseesoft AVI MPG Converter: A Short Overview

The Aiseesoft AVI MPG Converter is a powerful video decoder that offers a means to convert AVI to MPG, MPG to AVI, as well as the conversion of many other high definition formats. Additionally, this software also provides the ability to convert audio from various sources, or simply take it from one of the videos being converted and transform it into one of the supported and widely used audio formats.


This software package provides a powerful solution to video conversion, supporting many popular video format inputs including: DAT, WMV, MOV and many more. In conjunction, there is also support for some of the most popular audio formats, including: M4A, MP2, MP3 and AAC, providing support for audio to audio conversion or video to audio conversion. This gives users the opportunity to convert a specific video format to AVI or MPG, while simultaneously converting a piece of audio from the same video source to one of the supported audio formats.


The Aiseesoft AVI MPG conversion software features a long list of easy to use tools that can be used to customize videos and alter its effects. Some of these tools include the option to cut a particular clip from the video, merge multiple videos into a single file, modify the brightness, adjust contrast or change the saturation.