Aiseesoft 3GP Video Converter: An Overview

Aiseesoft 3GP Video Converter is a piece of software which can be used to easily convert between different types of videos. This provides computer users with a large number of different functions, which makes it easy to create high quality videos that can be played back on a variety of different devices including MP4 players and computers.

Converting Video Files

Video files can be converted using 3GP Video Converter. This makes it simple to convert any video, including MPEG, to 3GP format. This means that it's suitable for use on mobile phones such as the Blackberry or iPhone. The video can also be cropped and trimmed to enhance the appearance when watching back.


3GP Video Converter is compatible with a range of different types of videos. This includes video sources such as MPG, MPEG and RM. It also supports Audio formats including MP3 and MP2. The software supports a range of different devices including Wii, Zune, Archos Jukebox, iPhone, PSP and Playstation 3 among many other devices.


Aiseesoft 3GP video converter can be used on any windows based computer running Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista and Windows 7. It is suitable for any computer which has an 800Mhz or faster processor, with at least 512MB RAM.