Ainsoft DVD to MP4 Converter: An Overview for MACs

Ainsoft DVD to MP4 Converter is a DVD converter for Mac that converts various DVD formats and creates MPEG 4, AVC and MP4 file formats. With the help of this DVD to MP4 converter, Mac users are able to view their collection of DVDs on their MP4 players. This software is also able to perform high quality conversions to ensure that the target file has the same image/sound quality as that of the original DVD. What’s more, the conversion can be completed at very high speeds.

Preview Movies

Ainsoft DVD to MP4 Converter makes it easy for Mac users to preview the movie before performing conversions. In addition, this software also allows users to customize the quality of the audio and video, and they can also customize the size of the video and the audio channels to ensure that they get the perfect output.

Batch Conversions

Since DVDs are shown as different titles and/or chapters, in order to save time, users can select different titles and/or chapters and then perform multiple conversions in a single go.

Good Quality Output

Ainsoft DVD to MP4 Converter is a powerful and advanced software program that can create output files that maintain the same quality as the original, and it can also convert the files at very high speeds.