Ainsoft DVD to MP3 Converter: An Overview for MACs

The Ainsoft DVD to MP3 Converter makes it very easy for you to convert all of your audio CDs and DVDs to audio formats that are easy to store on the hard drive of your Macintosh computer, and then transfer them to a portable media player of your choice. Here is a brief look into the Ainsoft DVD to MP3 Converter.

Key Functions and Features

The Ainsoft DVD to MP3 Converter features support for all of the conventionally used audio file formats like MP3, M4A, MP2, OGG, AC3, AAC and WMA. Every media playing hardware or software being sold these days uses these formats. So, you will not need any other software to meet your conversion needs.

Moreover, the software can also be used to rip audio from DVD movies. The tracks are converted to the formats mentioned above. You can also preview the video to select the part of the audio that you would like to rip. Also, you may convert entire chapters.

The software provides compete control over the conversion process by providing access to parameters such as audio bit rates, audio channels and sampling rates. The software is priced at $24.95.