Ainsoft DVD to MOV Converter: An Overview for MACs

Ainsoft DVD to MOV Converter is a converter software package that converts DVDs to Quick Time MOV video files. Mac users will find this software to be very useful as it converts DVDs to a range of MOV formats with the best quality of output and with very high conversion speeds as well. It also takes DVDs and converts them to high definition MOV videos for use on the Mac operating system.


With Ainsoft DVD to MOV Converter, it is also very easy to select subtitles and audio tracks on a DVD movie.


If a particular scene appeals to you and you wish to capture it, then you can do this easily by making use of a function called Snapshot.

Merge Files

This DVD to MOV Converter also joins various chapters and/or titles and creates a single file. To do this, it is as easy at ticking the “merge into one file” option.

Edit Movies

Ainsoft DVD to MOV Converter can edit DVDs and is also capable of adding effects and watermarks to your videos. It is also possible to create perfect effects on an output file by resetting certain parameters before Ainsoft DVD to MOV Converter starts to convert the DVD into MOV.