Ainsoft DVD to iTunes Converter: An Overview

DVD to iTunes Converter from Ainsoft is software for Mac computers, used to convert DVD files to formats of iTunes video. The conversion gives you more portability of your favorite DVDs, as they can be viewed on devices like Apple TV, iPhone, PMP and iPod.

Supported Formats

All DVD and ISO files can be converted to formats like iTunes MOV, M4V and MP4. Extraction of audio is also possible from DVD and converted to MP3, AC3 and AAC audio formats.

Customization of Output and Preview

DVD to iTunes Converter software gives you various controls for adjusting various parameters which will affect the output. You can set the saturation, contrast, resolution and brightness levels of the video. You also have control over the size of the video, audio channels and the video/audio quality.

The length of the DVD can also be made to the size you require by clipping. The required footage can be clipped to size by setting the start and end timings. Whatever changes you make can be previewed before the conversion to get an idea of the output. The preview function can also be used for playing your favorite DVDs.

Batch Conversion

DVD to iTunes Converter enables you to convert files in batches, thus saving on time. You can choose to convert the whole movie at a time or select various chapters to be converted at one time.