Ainsoft DVD to iPod Converter: An Overview for PCs

Ainsoft DVD to iPod Converter can easily take a DVD and convert it to .mp4 and .mp3 file formats. It also has a preview function that gives you a chance to preview a movie before the actual conversion is done. Once the conversions are successfully performed, the DVD to iPod Converter can be made to perform different post conversion operations according to your needs. The DVD to iPod Converter is easy to use and is also very powerful.

Snapshot Function

This function captures different still scenes from a DVD based movie so that you are able to preview those scenes.

Post Conversion

After conversion, the DVD to iPod Converter by Ainsoft either shuts the program down automatically, does nothing or opens specific folders.

Clip Videos

This DVD converter can clip any desired movie segment from your DVD. Ainsoft DVD to iPod Converter also not only converts the DVDs but ensures that the same quality of image and sound in the original is maintained in the target file. What’s more, DVD Converter for iPod by Ainsoft lets you reach any movie clip by specifying its start and ending time.