Ainsoft DVD to iPod Converter: An Overview for MACs

Ainsoft DVD to iPod Converter provides powerful functions but at the same time is an easy to use software program that mainly converts DVDs to .mp4 and .mp3 format. This is also a DVD to iPod converter for Macs that clips movie segments from your DVD irrespective of whether the entire movie or segment was converted. It also ensures that the quality of sound and image are not lost during the conversion. After using Ainsoft DVD to iPod Converter, it is easy to enjoy your DVDs on your iPod at anytime.

Picture Collection

Snapshot is a very useful function that helps you to take picture collections and enrich them. It also helps in capturing different still scenes from a DVD as you preview those scenes.

After the Conversion

Once Ainsoft DVD to iPod Converter performs its conversion, it can then be set to shut down automatically. On the other hand, you can get the program to open a specific folder and you can also specify these actions before the program starts to convert the DVDs.

Automatic Shut Down

Best of all, it is also possible to get the program to automatically switch off your computer after it has converted your DVDs.