Ainsoft DVD to iPhone Converter: An Overview for PCs

Ainsoft DVD to iPhone Converter is an exciting converter that converts your DVDs into iPhone MP4 and MPEG 4 AVC and/or H.264 video formats. It performs other useful tasks as well, including extracting audio from a DVD and then converts it into M4A, MP3 as well as AAC.

Converts Movie Segments

With this DVD to iPhone converter it is possible to convert any part of a movie by assigning a specific start and end time, within which the program does the required conversion.

Customize Settings

When you are going to create a target file you may want to customize it so that it has specific size an bit rate, you may also want to improve the quality of the video and the different sound channels. You can do it all with the Ainsoft DVD to iPhone converter.

Automatic Setting

It is easy to use this DVD to iPhone converter to shut down your program automatically after the program has completed its conversion job. You can also choose not to do anything after the conversion has been completed and you can even program Ainsoft DVD to iPhone Converter to open a certain folder once the necessary conversion has been completed.

Favorite scene

If you have a favorite scene, Ainsoft DVD to iPhone Converter can capture that scene with the help of a function called Snapshot.