Ainsoft DVD to iPhone Converter: An Overview for MACs

Ainsoft DVD to iPhone Converter is a wonderful converter for your Mac system. With this software, it is easy to take DVDs and convert them to iPhone video formats such as MP4, AVC and even MPEG4. Other than this, Ainsoft DVD to iPhone Converter easily takes audio segments from a DVD and extracts them and then saves them in different formats. This DVD to iPhone converter is also good at clipping and editing a DVD movie for the Mac operating system and is also an easy to use software.

Converting Segments

With Ainsoft DVD to iPhone Converter, it is easy to take certain parts of a movie and convert them by specifying a particular starting and ending time.


If you need to create certain effects, you can use this DVD to iPhone converter and perform the required customization of the size and quality of the video and audio channels.

Post Conversion

Once the software has performed its conversions, it is possible to also do various things such as automatically shutting down the program, doing nothing and opening a specific folder.

Capture Scenes

Snapshot is a very useful function that you can use for capturing your preferred scenes in Jpeg images.