Ainsoft DVD to iPad Converter: An Overview

Ainsoft DVD to iPad Converter can be used to easily convert your entire video collection to a format which can be played back on the iPad. The Apple iPad truly is a magical device with many different uses. If you want to find new uses for your tablet computer, then using it to watch your movies might be of interest.


Ainsoft DVD to iPad Converter can be used to convert video on DVD discs to digital files which are suitable for use on your iPad. These are converted to MP4 files which are suitable for almost any tablet computer or portable video device.

Batch Conversion

It's also possible to use batch conversion to convert your videos. This means that you can create a long list of all the videos that you want to convert. Then, it's possible to wait while your computer converts each one manually without your input. It's also possible to control what happens after conversion has finished. This means that you will be able to automatically shut your computer down once it has finished converting.

Easy to Use

The software is very easy to use. Anyone will be able to use the converter to rip their DVDs to MP4 files by following a few simple instructions.