Ainsoft DVD to FLV Converter: An Overview for PCs

The Ainsoft DVD to FLV Converter is software that is well known for its simple and easy to understand user interface. It is all you will need if you need to convert a DVD based movie to the flash based format of FLV. The software provides many functionalities such as the ones listed below.

Key Functions and Features

The Ainsoft DVD to FLV Converter converts a DVD movie to FLV format, but it can do much more. It can be used to capture image based snap shots and stills from a DVD movie.

Also, the conversion of the DVD movie to FLV videos is nearly lossless and the software retains most of the original image and sound quality. Hence, you get a small sized file that is not only convenient to store but also great to look at.

The flash based FLV format enables you to directly upload the files to Youtube without waiting for any video conversion queues that can take up a lot of time and also strip the videos of image and sound quality. The software is priced at $19.95.