Ainsoft DVD to FLV Converter: An Overview for MACs

The Ainsoft DVD to FLV Converter for Mac is software that is widely used for direct and one step conversion of DVD movies to the popular flash based FLV format. The following is a quick overview of the Ainsoft Converter for Mac.

Key Functions and Features

Like all Mac based software, the DVD to FLV Converter features a very usable and minimalistic interface that simply provides what is needed to get the job done. You will not find yourself being overwhelmed by a slew of options. All that you need to convert a DVD based movie to the flash based FLV format is packaged in one user interface.

Apart from the primary functionality of video conversion to FLV, the software also supports the capturing of video stills and snaps from a DVD movie. This enables you to capture your favorite moments from a movie. The conversion process is speedy and ensures almost no loss of audio and video quality.

This will enable you to upload your files to YouTube and other similar sites in no time at all. The software is priced at $24.95.