Ainsoft DVD to AVI Converter: An Overview for PCs

DVD to AVI Converter from Ainsoft is the ideal program for PC users to convert DVD movies to different AVI formats. The conversion helps you to view your DVDs in devices like Apple TV, iPhone, PMP, iPod and PC.

System Requirements

The software runs on PCs having Microsoft Windows 7, XP, 2000 or Vista operating system. The processor can be either AMD or Intel, but should have a minimum speed of 2GHz and a RAM of at least 512 MB. The minimum graphics resolution for display should be 1920 x 1080.

Input and Output Formats

DVD to AVI Converter accepts input formats like DVD, DVD-9, DVD-5 and IFO. The output can be in any AVI formats like AVI-MPEG-4, AVI-XviD, AVI-DivX, AVI-WMV, AVI-MPEG and AVI-H264.

Part Conversions

The software allows you to select the part you want to convert from the original DVD. For this, you can either select from the list of the chapters, or clip a portion by keying in the starting and ending time of the required segment.

Customize and Improve the Output

The software provides various controls by which you can adjust the brightness, saturation, contrast, channels and size parameters of the video, so as to improve the quality and customize the output.

Preview and Snapshots

The preview function makes this software into a fully functional video player, and you can also preview the footage before conversion. You can also capture images with the Snapshot button from any video frame and save them as image files in BMP format.