Ainsoft DVD Copy Software: An Overview for PCs

The Ainsoft DVD Copy software is among the best programs for a PC user when it comes to backing up any given DVD movie. This is also applicable to music and data DVDs. The software is an essential tool when you want a solution that can back up almost any kind of data and DVD formats being thrown at it. The following is a quick overview of the Ainsoft DVD Copy software.

Key Functions and Features

The Ainsoft DVD Copy software has been programmed to handle and easily copy files from almost any given DVD format such as DVD-9 or DVD-5. The copy ratio is a splendid 1:1 and promises back ups with zero loss.

The copied files may be saved as a DVD folder, a DVD disc or a high quality ISO file to allow burning of a disc at any given point in time. Other options include the ability to compress a DVD-9 disc into a DVD-5 disc while retaining most of the original picture and audio quality. The software is also super easy to use and the only user inputs required are the source and destination. The software is priced at $24.95.